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PRICES De Witte Os

Intake/ diagnose, one-time                                                                         15 euro

Acupuncture and/ or Tui Na massage, 1 hour                                          65 euro

 Tui Na massage, 0,5 hour                                                                           45 euro

Acupuncture, 0,5 uur (multiple times a week)                                         45 euro
Sometimes complaints require a high frequency of treatment.
In such a case, this adjusted rate is counted.

Footmassage, 0,5 hour                                      30 euro
– with foot bath and cup of tea
Chair massage, 05 hour                                     30 euro
– also for companies
Moxa lamp, 20 minutes                                     15 euro

* Additional therapies such as moxa, gua sha and cupping may be part of the treatment and are not billed separately.

Reimbursement by health insurers
De Witte Os is a member of the professional association Zhong – Dutch Association for Traditional Chinese Medicine. As a result, the treatments of De Witte Os are reimbursed by most health insurers. In addition, it is a guarantee to clients for quality and care. Therapists who are affiliated with Zhong continue to develop through training and intervision. This way you are assured of a well-trained practitioner in the TCG. Click here for an overview of the Reimbursements Vergoedingen zorgverzekeraars 2018.

You want to cancel an appointment? When you do this more than 24 hours in advance, no charges will be made. You can also leave a message on my voice-mail.

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