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What does a treatment involve?
In order to achieve an optimal result per treatment, I take an interview during the first treatment according to the principles of Chinese Medicine. This means that I will map out your complaints and ask a number of additional diagnostic questions. In addition, I do a pulse and tongue diagnosis in order to get a total picture of the starting situation. Then I determine which form of therapy best suits your complaints. That can be acupuncture, Tui Na massage or a combination of massage and acupuncture. I also look at whether it makes sense to use additional techniques such as moxa, gua sha or cupping. Advice or tips about nutrition, exercise, breathing or lifestyle can be part of the treatment.

Each follow-up visit is preceded by a brief evaluation of the previous treatment and a pulse and tongue diagnosis. Treatment can be adjusted based on this input.

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Complaint-oriented and preventive
A well-known Chinese medicine saying is that the best doctor cures a disease that has not yet appeared. That may seem like a strange statement, but it isn’t when you know that Chinese medicine specializes in recognizing signals of balance and imbalance in the human organism. It is also said that Chinese medicine focuses on prevention. In my opinion, what this means is that signals of imbalance are recognized at an early stage. The imbalance in the organism can then be restored before it manifests itself in more serious complaints.

By using the knowledge of Chinese medicine preventively, we follow in the footsteps of the ancient Chinese village doctors, who went door to door at the change of the seasons to feel people’s pulse. These “barefoot doctors”, as they are affectionately called, would then treat people with acupuncture, herbs and giving advice to prevent them from getting sick. There are even rumors that people only got paid as long as the population that belonged to a doctor’s area of ​​care remained healthy.

In practice De Witte Os is complaints-oriented, but there are more and more people who are interested in periodic preventive treatment. Think of strengthening resistance, more energy, dealing more harmoniously with feelings of fear, frustration or sadness, irregular bowel movements, menstrual complaints, migraine, poor sleep, acne, nagging lower back pain, melancholy, itchy eyes, etc, etc.

What is a pulse diagnosis?
Feeling the pulse goes beyond ‘just feeling the pulse’. By accurately measuring the voltage, width, depth and speed of the pulse, we learn a lot about the amount and quality of energy in the various organs.

What is a tongue diagnosis?
A tongue also provides a lot of diagnostic information. It is checked whether there is a lot or little attack on it. What is the color of the tongue and the attack. Whether there are cracks or pimples on it. What is the shape and the humidity. The request is therefore not to scrape the tongue before a treatment.

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