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The diagnosis starts with an anamnesis, an interview. Then the pulse and tongue are diagnosed and possibly the skin is palpated. Together, these different diagnostic tools give a good indication of the current health situation. The aim of the treatment is to bring back balance into your system. Depending on the diagnosis, various methods can be used for this, such as acupuncture, Tui Na massage, cupping or moxa. Advice or tips about nutrition, breathing exercises or lifestyle can also be part of the treatment.

The pulse diagnose goes beyond ‘just feeling the pulse’. By accurately measuring the tension, the width, the depth and the speed of the pulse, you will learn a lot about the quantity and the quality of the energy in the different organs.


A tongue also provides a lot of diagnostic information. What is the coating of the tongue, are there any cracks? What is the color of the tongue and the coating? What the shape is and the humidity, are there any red or purple spots? As this information is vital to a complete diagnosis it is requested not to scrape the tongue prior to treatment.