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Practice and Covid 19

Practice and Covid 19

In order to limit the risk of contamination with the Corona Virus as much as possible, an adapted protocol is used in practice.

This means that only 1 client is always present in the practice or the waiting area. People who cannot come alone, such as young children, are allowed to bring 1 supervisor.
After each treatment, the practice is aired and the treatment table and the handles are disinfected. New sheets and towels are used with each treatment.
A little more time will therefore be planned between the treatments.
If there are no cold complaints, regular treatment will follow.
After each treatment, the therapist washes his hands with antiseptic soap.
On arrival, every client is asked to clean his or her hands with handgel present.
The request is to bring your own mouth caps and gloves. At your request I will wear a mouth cap and gloves.
You can pay contactless (via pin or tikkie).
Appointments can be canceled free of charge until shortly before the appointment in case of flu related complaints.

Finally, the request not to come to the practice and to move your appointment in case you or someone in your household suffers from sneezing, coughing, runny nose in combination with an increase or fever. Even if you have recently been abroad or have had someone from abroad visit, the request is to be alert to possible risk of contamination.

Be welcome!

Despite all the precautions taken, the chance, however small, remains that you will become infected in practice or on the way here. By making an appointment you agree to this risk.