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Foot massage

Foot massage

At our feet there are reflex-zones that correspond with all parts of the body. Foot massage is a technique in which pressure is applied to reflex-zones on the feet to generate reactions in the corresponding body parts. A foot massage stimulates the self-healing ability of the body.

A foot massage has a relaxing and beneficial effect, not only on the feet, but on the entire system. In case of a Chinese foot massage, in addition to the reflex-zones, the meridians and acupuncture points of the lower limbs are also included. During the massage weak points are treated intensively. It can sometimes be a bit painful, but the sensitive points show where blockages are or where there is a shortage of energy. Due to the intensive treatment on points and meridians, the stuck energy is set in motion or the required energy is added. That is healing and preventive for your well-being and vitality.

Chair massage

The Chinese chair massage by ‘De Witte Os’ is a relaxing and powerful Tui Na massage for the prevention and treatment of complaints. On a comfortable massage chair, neck, shoulders, arms, back and head are treated, which ensures rest in the body, relaxation of muscles, better blood circulation and more vitality.

Chair massage: also for companies

A chair massage reduces the risk of RSI or pain complaints as a result of a long-term and one-sided working posture. Chair massage improves motivation and reduces stress in the workplace. Chair massage stimulates the cognitive functions and lowers stress hormones, thereby improving the working atmosphere and the company results within each organization.